All School District of Philadelphia schools will open Thursday, March 22, 2018 on a two-hour delay. All buses will operate on a delayed schedule pushing morning pick up times back by two hours. We ask that parents and caregivers be patient as certain yellow bus routes may experience moderate to significant delays Thursday morning. All District-operated early childhood programs will also open on a two-hour delay. After-school activities including athletic programs and professional development sessions set for Thursday will continue as scheduled. District administrative offices will be open on-time, however we urge everyone to take their time and travel safely getting to school and work. The School Reform Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday at 4:30 p.m. will take place as scheduled.

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Welcome to the Home of the Disston Dragons!


Students in Grades Kindergarten and 6 earned bragging rights as Design Thinking (DT) Philly champions for their award winning prototype designs.  Teachers Janelle Hundley and Cheryl Tobin, along with groups of their students, planned and designed a final project on creating and conserving space in classrooms.  Ms. Hundley’s group won a $1,500 check from the foundation  to purchase supplies for their projects.  Go Dragons!

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of Hamilton Disston Elementary School is to produce high-functioning, well-rounded individuals that make significant contributions to society.

Disston Elementary School’s mission is to provide all children in grades K-8 the educational opportunity, reinforcement, and enrichment resources to reach proficient and above levels in reading, math, and all other subject areas.  We pride our success in providing our students with highly qualified educators that are specifically recruited according to educational background, experience, and area of certification through site-based selection to address the needs of our students.  We believe that a positive and caring atmosphere helps provide students with the self-confidence necessary to achieve in all academic areas as well as in the community.  We strive to create an environment where each child is responsible for his/her work and actions.

This will help provide each student at Disston Elementary with the necessary skills to enable them to embark on their future with pride and determination in addition to becoming a model for their communities.  Also, our expectation is to afford students the ability to achieve success and serve as a positive representative of our efforts in future school placements and other encounters.