All School District of Philadelphia schools will open Thursday, March 22, 2018 on a two-hour delay. All buses will operate on a delayed schedule pushing morning pick up times back by two hours. We ask that parents and caregivers be patient as certain yellow bus routes may experience moderate to significant delays Thursday morning. All District-operated early childhood programs will also open on a two-hour delay. After-school activities including athletic programs and professional development sessions set for Thursday will continue as scheduled. District administrative offices will be open on-time, however we urge everyone to take their time and travel safely getting to school and work. The School Reform Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday at 4:30 p.m. will take place as scheduled.

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Our Staff (The Dream Team)

Principal:   Mrs. Kari D. Hill

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Robin J. Jackson

Climate Manager:  Mr. Charles Sawyer


Our Service Leaders:  Mrs. Tracy Fargnoli (School Based Teacher Leader), Mrs. Amy Pfeiffer (Early Literacy Specialist), Mrs. Karen Manley (School Psychologist), Mrs. Jessica Moss (School Counselor), Ivette Lopez (Spanish Bilingual Counseling Assistant – Tuesdays only)


Office Team:  Mrs. Carol Garzone (Secretary), Mrs. Mimi Lubbe (Community Relations Liaison)

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Phyllis Bellman, Ms. Jeanette Danvers, Mrs. Cheryl Tobin

Grade 1:  Mrs. Samantha Brooks, Mrs. Caroline Gramlich, Ms. Jenna Barger, Ms. Carmella Barbosa

Grade 2:  Ms. Jaclyn Boese, Mrs. Angelee Rivera, Ms. Lisa Wismer, Ms. Ellen Shour

Grade 3:  Ms. Tiffany Laird, Ms. Janelle Hundley

Grade 4:  Mr. Jeff Segrest, Ms. Lisa Gillman, Mrs. Roslyn Custis-Williams, Mrs. Mary Beth O’Callaghan

Grade 5:  Ms. Angela Parsons, Ms. Yolanda Barcus, Mr. Harry Haws

Grade 6:  Mrs. Donika Shehu (Math), Ms. Janna Reeves (Language Arts), Mrs. Donna Hampton (Science/Social Studies)

Grade 7:  Mrs. Leslie Brockington (Math), Mr. Kevin Tustin (Language Arts), Ms. Carol Senske (Science), Mrs. Lynne Wake (Social Studies)

Grade 8:  Mrs. Bethann Beebe-Smull (Math), Mrs. Crystal Raup (Language Arts), Mr. Spencer Waybrant (Science), Mr. Brent McIvor (Social Studies)

ESOL Team:  Ms. Ying Chhann, Mrs. Micki Dion

Special Educators:  Mrs. Erin Finerghty, Mrs. Grace Scafide, Mr. Gerald Brill, Mr. James Fiscella

Specialist Teachers:  Ms. Cheryl Ash (Art), Mr. Jack Angeny (Physical Education), Mr. Paul Allen (Technology), Ms. Kandis Moffitt (S.T.E.M.), Mrs. Kelli Frascatore (Writing), Mrs. Angela Pirolli (Math Enrichment), Mrs. Wendy Faust

Supportive Service Assistants:  Mrs. Lynne Clark, Ms. Barbara Farrell, Ms. Jolanta Markowski, Ms. Rosemarie Murphy-Malcolm, Ms. Marilyn Pomales, Ms. Kathy Powell

Student Climate Support:  Ms. Kimberly Arthur, Mrs. Deborah Grau, Ms. Shyeetha Harris

One-to-One Assistants:  Mrs. Diana Valerio, Ms. Krystal Garcia

Facilities Team:  Mrs. Kevin McGuire (Building Engineer), Mr. Louis Conde (Custodial Assistant), Cleaners – Mr. Jerome Davis, Ms. Larissa Still

Food Services:  Ms. Stacy Blohm

School Police:  SPO


Last modified: August 31, 2017